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i love mysteries. i love puzzles. i love figuring things out. so after the initial frustration that something is different, it’s really fun to see how God is going to talk to me when He starts talking in a different way.

in the past God has talked a lot with me through sitting down with my laptop and just typing while talking and listening. recently He has been speaking a lot through fiction. incredible things said through pages in a fiction book. sometimes he talks through movies….but few and far between. two of my best friends, however, can’t seem to go to a movie without getting wrecked.

just this past weekend the Lord blew me up from watching planet of the apes. i hadn’t seen the first one before so i watched it before going to see the second. the first one got me and then the second hit me while i was down.

it was good. it was this sideswipe of emotions that i wasn’t expecting. this weight attached to His heart for His people.

He talked to me about unity. about how we don’t unite because we are so often terrified of what might be that we don’t ever even let it get to that point. we try to keep everyone at a distance so we don’t have an opportunity to deal with it.

God says over and over…fear not…be united. we do just the opposite.

what would happen if we laid down our fear and united. what would happen if we fought for unity instead of walking away when it was hard to have unity. what would happen if there was a unity among generations…genders…i wonder.

the cool thing is the next morning i check my email…three people in the church had had dreams in the previous week or two about unity being attacked.

it is a time for the church to rally together. whatever the second hand beliefs. whatever preference for structure. it is time to rally around the father instead of splitting and walking in disunity simply because we don’t agree.