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through spiritual formation and self-discovery

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.
– Henry David Thoreau

You were created to live an ABUNDANT life

At least that is what Jesus thought when He came to die for you and for me. He came so that we could have abundance, but so often we settle for just enough. We settle for lives of quiet desperation and wonder why we are miserable.

Imagine for a moment…

Having joy regardless of what was going on in life.

Never feeling lonely again.

Being confident of who you were created to be.

Having hope and peace in EVERY situation

That you're at the crossroads of what you have always done and trying something new.


I have been there too. It’s miserable and painful. I looked at my life and realized that it sure didn’t look or feel abundant. It was then that my life began to change…when I realized that there was more.

God started showing me about what friendship with Him looks like. I discovered the Enneagram and found so much healing and freedom. I discovered hope in the midst of disappointment and joy in the midst of pain. It was more than I could have ever hoped for.

By learning my true identity and who God actually is, my life looks incredibly different. I am different. I am able to love dearly people I had once avoided, ditch loneliness in spite of being single much longer than I ever wanted, and even become an owner of a successful business. I want the same for you!


I had the blessing working through “Becoming a Friend of God” with Kimberly. She has the gift to take a topic which seems intangible and make it practical! Her ability to communicate and provide opportunity for application was a fun and effective approach of reaching into the supernatural. She seeks the Lord with more intention than almost anyone I know. Do yourself a favor and set your intention to become a better friend with Him! You won’t be disappointed!
Janet A.


During my time with Kimberly, she has lovingly pointed me towards a deeper relationship with God. She is discerning, insightful, and genuine. She creates a safe space to be vulnerable and always invites the Holy Spirit for guidance, comfort, and direction. Through working with her I’ve seen lies I believed replaced with truth, anxiety replaced with peace, and brokenness replaced with healing.
Alli H.

PR Executive Assistant

“Friendship with God” is a beautiful story of one woman’s journey to find fulfillment and adventure through a closer relationship with God. This book made me re-examine my own approach to relationship with Him, and reconsider what it truly means to be his “friend.”
Crystal C.


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Limited space. I am only accepting 4 new clients. If you’re looking to take action in your life to become the best version of yourself, we can do it! Let’s have a chat and see where you could be in 6 months!

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“Friendship with God: The Invitation to a life of Adventure, Satisfaction, and Transformation.”

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Kimberly is passionate about helping people grow. She has spoken at various events as well as led retreats. She would love to help you with your next event.

FREE Download - 5 Keys to Living and Finishing Well

Maybe I am wrong but I think we all want to have an ABUNDANT life, but sadly, there isn’t much training how to do so. I believe these 5 keys are a great starting place. In my 10+ years in leadership, I have observed a few things. There are common pitfalls. There are things that when left unchecked, lead us to damage relationships and make really bad choices. In this PDF you will find 5 keys to living an abundant life!