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Everyday Formation

Learn to live a life of adventure, satisfaction, and transformation

The Story

Jesus tells His disciples that He came to give His “sheep” an abundant life. It is easy to insert our own definition of abundant but according to Strong’s Dictionary, it means something that is uncommon, surpassing, extraordinary, more than necessary. Outside of a relationship with Him, however, it is impossible to access such favor. everdayFORMATION is all about equipping you to live an abundant life.

everydayFORMATION was birthed in Kimberly through a question that she couldn’t shake: If we don’t have a better response to offer the world in the realities of pain and joy and pleasure, what are we offering them? Out of that one question God invited Kimberly to start dreaming “what if…”

  • What if Christians were actually known for their love?
  • What if Christians were actually transformed to look like Jesus instead of simply modifying their behavior?
  • What if Christians actually offered the world something different than what they currently had?
  • What if when Christians experienced betrayal, their first response was love?
  • What if when Christians  experienced loss their first response was different than the world’s?

This led to a bigger conversation of “formation.” We are all being formed whether we realize it or not. Who do you want to be doing the forming though: the world or a Perfect Father? If you chose a Perfect Father, you’re in the right place. Formation happens in the context of relationship.

If the questions above stir something in you it sounds like you’re ready to grow! If so, we would love to help you! Our goal is to help you learn how to cultivate that relationship with Him. There are a few different areas that make that possible:

  • Hearing Him
  • Making Space for Him
  • Knowing Yourself
  • Getting Healing

The classes, groups, direction, and coaching everydayFORMATION offers will center around these four ideas. At the end of the day our hope is that you will be confident in your relationship with Him and see how powerful you are, not to be dependent on us.

Our heart is to see the global church become a group of people who know God intimately, do what He is doing, say what He is saying, and are continually transformed to look more like Him? If that was the case, imagine what we could accomplish!

Keys to Abundant Life

Hearing Him

This is all about understanding His voice and discerning it from the others (yours, others, and the enemy’s). It is incredibly hard to do what He is doing and say what He is saying if you don’t hear Him. It is also really hard to cultivate intimacy if there is no back and forth communication. God is still in the business of speaking to us. Hebrews tells us that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So let’s listen!

Making Space for Him

It is also hard to have a solid relationship, of any kind but especially an intimate one, if there is no time made for the other person. That includes God. But it isn’t only about making time to read the Bible or do a devotional. There are so many different spiritual practices that ancient Christian fathers and mothers did to create space. We will delve into these and how they impact not only yourself but also your relationships.

Knowing Yourself

Something that culture rooted out for a while that I see emerging is this confidence in who we are, where we are, as we are. In my experience, most people learn that comparing yourself to everyone else is just what you do. BUT WHAT IF IT WASN’T? What if you know who you were and you liked that person? What if you knew the things God created you for you to do before the foundation of the world? David Benner says that the more we know our self, the more we can know the Father. The more we know the Father in relationship to our self, the more we know our self. It’s quite cyclical intentionally. We live and move and have our being in Him.

Getting Healing

Somewhere along the way, you have experienced pain. You have probably experienced loss and disappointment. All too often in a world that tells you to show no emotion and “just get over it”, it can be hard to actually heal. If it never actually heals, it festers. And when it festers, it will either kill you or erupt at the most inopportune time. The beauty of healing is that the Master Comforter gets to come and be Himself with you in a way that He can’t when you are happy. Not that the pain is good but that you know Him on a new level. Here in this place, your relationship gets deeper and you are loved even more. It is only from a place of health that we can have healthy relationships with the people around us.

About Kimberly

Kimberly Michelle is first and foremost a lover of God and secondly an adventurer. In her years in leadership, she has developed a passion to help others discover themselves, find freedom, and develop a thriving relationship with God. She has spent the last 10+ years learning to decipher God’s voice, getting certified as a Spiritual Director (through HeartPaths in Oklahoma City, OK), and has trained hundreds to hear His voice better and develop a deeper relationship with Him. She loves to travel the world and have great conversations over a perfectly roasted cup of joe.

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