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thoughts on seeking first the Kingdom

and suddenly

Sometimes we expect for things to move quickly but they don’t. We long for the next breakthrough or shift or season but time seems to move slower and slower.And suddenly. But God.Such powerful phrases that change the trajectory of our lives. Sometimes, always perhaps,...

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all the photos

In a world that is constantly bombarded with comparisons, it is so easy to lose sight of who we are and the beauty that we each hold. It becomes easy to judge each other as too much or not enough. I do believe we all have inherent beauty because we are all created in...

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the science of loneliness

A couple of days ago I came across an article titled, "The Science of Loneliness" which was published by Psychology Today. Anything to do with the brain and science and emotions I can't seem to read enough of lately. So I saved it in a tab, anxious to read it when I...

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I’m leaving Oklahoma!

So many have responded to me telling them I’m leaving with… ”wait! what?!” I wish I had time to sit down with each of you but there is much to do in 3 weeks so here is the story…. This year God told me what He was going to do was “radical movement”. What’s funny…of I...

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silence as an invitation

engaging in conversation with God is probably THE thing in life i am most thankful for. obviously i'm thankful for being saved from myself and all of the things that have anything to do with God, but His perpetual nearness and conversation is what sustains me....

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