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i can still remember to this day the first conversation i had with the Lord. i couldn’t believe it was happening. so very real and very clear. at one point i said something to Him along the lines of, “all i want to say is ‘yeah, but…’ so i’ll just stop”. that was the day things shifted. i knew i heard Him and it would never be the same.

that was may 31, 2009. since then, i have had some great conversations with the Lord. i have had hard conversations. i have had encouraging conversations. i have had conversations where He is so kind to speak life and truth into me. speaking it into existence where it wasn’t before.

at the very beginning of the year i had a conversation where i felt like he made some promises. promises that seemed big and unattainable. and then life happened. i vaguely quoted these promises to myself but didn’t really spend much time thinking about them. then about half way through the year, i went back and reread them. i was struck with the clarity with which i wrote them down.

even just a couple months ago i thought…Lord, you aren’t coming through. His response…”I still have three entire months!” ugh. doubt. my heart was filled with doubt. here i am doubting the King of the universe who spoke life into existence in a day.

then sunday as i sit with a friend over coffee and listen to him talk about life, what God is doing, the struggle of keeping the faith, he says something that hits me between the eyes.

He promised me and now He is preparing me for those promises. 

the weight of this statement never rang truer in my heart. i had to struggle to pay attention as i thought of how true this was in my life. all the promises He had made to me at the beginning of the year, i was now seeing how the crap of the year was/is preparing me for the things He has in store.

He doesn’t do things half way or on accident. there is a purpose to each thing that happens. i challenge you to look at your life. what are promises God has made to you? where have you stopped believing? how is He preparing you for said promises? He is perfectly faithful my friends!!!