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I feel like I always hear people talking about how we worship something and it is more a matter of are you worshiping the right thing.

it feels like it has been a season of God showing me thing after thing where I have an opportunity to grow. to trust. to step out. to wait. it has been a season where I don’t know what is next or how I will get there. the job is going slower than I hoped and may have to look for another. I don’t know how He will provide but am confident that He will.

and in the midst of that conversation, there is something that the Lord specifically started engaging me about. the last 18 months has been especially hard. maybe some of the hardest years of my adult life. I would go to Him and ask Him to meet me but in the midst of it didn’t really understand that I was letting my body run amuck. Hebrews warns against drifting away. and it feels like I did just that. I made poor choices with food. I ran to food without realizing I was. I couldn’t workout because of my knee. thing after thing led me to the place of significant weight gain.

and it has always been my battle. why is this so hard/ why do I never find success in it?

and then I felt like the Lord told me. He showed me that I always am trying to lose weight for me. to look better or different or am worried about what others think of me. and then He asked me a question.

are you willing to worship me in the way you eat and take care of your body if you never see any results?

if I am being honest the flesh part of me wants to say no. but I want to want to do that. I want to be a good and faithful steward of what He has given me regardless if my body every changes.

and so I enter a new season of worship. a season where I want to view taking care of myself as worship to the one who gave me this body. who invited me to be a steward of what He has given with the promise of reward and blessing. maybe it won’t look like weight lost or running a marathon but it will look like sacrificial adoration of the One who is worthy of such.

what is it that God is calling you to worship Him in? how can you worship Him today? maybe it is time. or money. or serving. or food. or fill in the blank. maybe you don’t want to do that right now but the want to want is there. He is big enough to create that in you. so invite Him into that place.