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my porch is small but i love the view. as i sit on my benches and look out i can see at least 11 different types of trees. they are all so green! different shades. some bright. some olive. some hunter. but all green. all delightful!

then there is the wind. the wind blows, alternating between gentle breeze and chaotic gust. the leaves rustle. softly brushing up against each other to create this symphonic melody.

a couple weeks ago i sat on a friend’s porch and smiled with delight as i talked about the wind in the trees. “why do you like it so much,” he asked. “i just do.”

but the more i think about it, the more it reminds me of the Lord and His ever present being in my life. He invades places that nothing else can. He rustles the “leaves” of my heart. He causes friction and He causes symphonies.

the wind sweeps through the cracks in houses and sustains birds in flight and it all points back to Jesus. the author and perfecter of our faith. the one in whom when we trust are mounted with wings like eagles.

so i like the wind. i like the reminder. i like the sound and picture and the peace.