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when i grow upwhile i was in seattle, i got to hang with some of the coolest people i know. i haven’t spent a ton of time with people in general in 2015 which was on purpose for the sake of growth and healing but i’ll tell you what…it was nice to be around like minded people. it was nice to say something and not have to try to make them understand for the next half an hour what i was really intending to say. they just got it.

we talked about God and the church and life.
we talked about hearts and delicious food and adventure.

then one of my friends started talking about how we feel most fulfilled in life in our careers when we do what we said we wanted to do when we were kids.

i immediately blew it off because i wanted to be a famous singer and a pediatrician when i was a kid. but then he broke it down for me. he described how me wanting to be a doctor would be very much like what i do with people and wanting to help them get better. and so i thought about the other one and i could directly relate it to speaking in front of people. whether it is training or preaching or just encouraging people, when i am in front of a crowd, even when i am nervous, it is as natural as breathing. i rarely even look at my notes.

and so i pursue that. i pursue helping people. learning to be a better communicator.

all that makes me thinks about how Jesus said unless we became like children, we couldn’t enter into the kingdom. until recently i don’t know if i gave much thought to that statement by Jesus. i mean yeah we have to become childlike in faith and simply trust our God. we have to become childlike in innocence. these are all things i have heard.

what if we have to become childlike and dream. what if part of being like the children is learning to dream again. i do believe He set eternity in our hearts….where is it? i think so often it is found in the dreams.

so what about you? what did you want to be when you grew up? what are you doing? how could you make your way back to that?