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i am for the most part a pretty trusting person. if someone says they will do something, i am pretty quick to think they will. if they repeatedly prove that they aren’t a person of their word, i am skeptical for a long time.

at frontline i am so blessed by the incredible elders we have. no matter what i know their heart is to seek the Lord’s heart in whatever it is they are doing. i know they take the call to lead and shepherd very seriously. they know the weight of the call and that they will have to give an answer.

i trust them.

even when i don’t agree with them. even when i don’t want to. i trust them. i trust their heart is for me and that they are watching me and moving me into the positions and places i need to be. i have watched them care for me and have seen it in action.

it’s easy to trust them.

the other day as we are sitting in a team meeting, our lead pastor was talking about communication and trust. how we have to trust each other. if we don’t trust each other, when there is a miscommunication, we will jump to the dark side instead of assuming we heard wrong or it got misinterpreted.

as i sat there, i felt so clearly the Lord say…

what if you trusted me the way you trust your elders?

dang. it hit me like a brick between the eyes. i don’t always trust Him the same way. it is easy to trust my elders because i can see them. physically in a room. but it is still God in them that i ultimately am trusting.

i want to trust. i want to trust in a supernatural most incredible kind of way. i want a faith that moves mountains. that seeks the heart of the Lord and watches His will happen!