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the last few weeks have been chaotic at best. i am back in the swing of things. soon i will be moving to a precious little house but other than that, i think i can breath again.

i find it so interesting how the Lord works when we don’t even realize He is working. how i pray and pray and pray for certain things but i never really see any change until it has changed. i don’t see the progression. i don’t see the growth. only the end result.

maybe that isn’t true for everyone.

maybe i am weird.

well most definitely! it looks like in my life that sometimes i will pray for something and then get frustrated along the way. why isn’t He changing? growing? moving? where is He? and then i look up and i have arrived at this place where there is a visible change. there is a shift in my demeanor. there is a change in my faith. there is something different, whatever the situation.

and it reminds me of jeremiah 1:12 where He says that He watches over His word to perform it. He is so capable and “on it” to do what He said He would do, that my little peon of a brain doesn’t understand.

what it does understand is the fact that He said He would do that. He would watch over His word and see that it was perfected. that He said He does give good gifts. that He is in control and i don’t have to be. it understands the words even when they fail to make the heart believe.

i want to walk by that truth. the truth that  beats any feelings that feel like reality. i want to live by faith when everything around me seems impossible!