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it kinda feels like for the last year and a half my life has consisted of nothing but transition. transition from texas to oklahoma. transition to living alone to living with a family to living with two girls to living with a stranger. transistion from being a graphic designer to a barista to a receptionist. transition from being on staff at a church to just going to church to being heavily involved in church. transition from being single to being in a relationship to being single again.

and it doesn’t stop. i am now transitioning from bridgeway to frontline. i am transitioning from living with someone to living alone. and i am excited for the changes. i love change. but it is exhausting sometimes. i am so excited to be able to come home and and have no surprises. i am excited to not have to consult in order to have people over or worry about things i know i have taken care of.

but as i reflect on it i can’t help but be thankful. just today, as i was listening to Josh Kouri on a podcast, i was reminded that patience can’t be grown if you aren’t in a situation where it is tested. you can’t be more kind if you are isolated. living in peace with all men as far as it is in your control will never happen if you are surrounded only by people you want to be around.

and it makes me laugh because at the beginning of the year i wanted this year to be about being a thankful and passionate pursuer of the Lord. i wanted to be thankful at the root of who i was. and every time i get frustrated or worn down or weary of doing good, His still gentle voice reminds me to be thankful. and my heart is strengthened knowing that He is growing the fruit of His spirit in me. i can’t even do it myself.

so the next transition comes. and i welcome it. i wonder what new ways i will learn to be thankful in (aka frustrated with a kind reminder to be thankful). i wonder how He will grow me in this next season. what does it hold? what is yet to come? how will i learn even more to be in His presence, seeking Him far above all the gifts and pleasures that are found in Him? i don’t know. but this one thing i do know. He is faithful. PERFECTLY faithful…doing marvelous things in my life. in the lives of those who love Him. and in that i put my hope because that is the one thing that will not disappoint.