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two weeks ago, i submitted a letter of resignation to my job. my dream job in fact. i spent my days speaking life to women, teaching and connecting people to community. i got to teach people how to hear God, got to teach on encouragement, got to preach at city rescue mission. i got to tell women their identity and how to maneuver life.

and though it was my dream job, i felt like God saying it was time to move on from Frontline. nothing bad. i love the leaders there. i have the utmost respect for them. and i have been so grateful for my time there! but when God says it’s time, it’s time.

and so here we go. on an adventure. i don’t know what i will do for work or where i will end up but the peace He has given is surreal. i don’t quite understand.

transition is still hard.

that in between place of still here but knowing i am leaving. of being here but not yet knowing where i am going. it can be a scary place if i don’t have my eyes fixed in the exact right spot, the eyes of the God who called me.

God closes one door and opens another, but it’s hell in the hallway.
Joseph Garlington

it’s good. i am so excited for this adventure! i am so excited for whatever the Lord has in the next chapter. i am excited to learn to trust Him even more in the middle of here and there. this is where “be thankful always” comes in to play. thankful that He is with me through it all. thankful for all He has done and is doing and will do. thankful that He is faithful to finish it all.