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i grew up in a super conservative church among church standards. there is no knock in that statement just truth. there is a lot i have had to work through and there is a lot i am super thankful for! i am thankful for the love of the word and ability to navigate it. i am thankful for amazing teaching examples.

i won’t list everything i have had to work through but one of the biggest things has always been dancing. i had a friend in texas one time who looked me in the eye and said i can’t believe someone as cool as you doesn’t love to dance. and i hated that it was so true. not only did i not enjoy it but it caused great anxiety and nervousness.

i tried and i tried and i tried but i never could seem to just have fun….until tonight. even as i was headed to the dance floor, which i avoided for a little while, i was nervous. but the minute i started, it was like every chain holding me down broke off. there was this freedom to dance and just have fun that i had been praying for for years.

it’s amazing to me how the Lord continue to work. continues to stretch and move and grow. i am so thankful that He didn’t stop moving when i stopped trying to dance. i am thankful that He brought a new layer of freedom at just the right time.

so tonight…i danced my heart out. i danced and it was amazing. and the sweet gift of the Lord just makes me adore Him even more. that He would care about my hearts to desire to enjoy something He put in us.

but the best part is that when i moved to frontline, He told me three reasons He was moving me there. one of them was He was going to bring a new freedom. and i am sure there is more than this but so excited that this is part of it! thank you Lord!