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we were created to know and be known. specifically we were created to known God and be known by God. to know His infinite goodness, His perfect faithfulness, His stunning beauty, His steadfast love. we were created to know the delight of His presence, the satisfaction of His companionship, the joy of His joy. we were created to know His peace, His grace. we were created to know Him….and because we know Him, to glorify Him.

i assume it is because we are created in His image that we want to know others. when i meet someone new, i want to know about them. their story. their joys. their struggles. i want to love them and serve them and get to know them. it is so interesting to me to see the uniqueness that God put in us. the preferences that we have towards certain things that others hate.

but in my brokenness i find that it is much harder to be known. i am always willing to share when someone asks me something but rarely do i volunteer up what’s on my heart. there’s a lie that lingers that they don’t actually want to know and if they do, they will ask. sometimes there’s a lie that what’s going on in my life isn’t as important cause it isn’t catastrophic. cause it isn’t “big”.

the truth is that the simple things of my heart matter just as much.

it is so easy to search to know and be known from people in our lives. we crave that because God put it in us…to draw us to Him. we can never be satisfied in anyone else but Him.

the truth is that in Him, WE ARE FULLY KNOWN AND FULLY LOVED.