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the other day i had a delightful conversation with a friend about words given by others and being anxious in them. i didn’t really get it at first but then just a couple hours later at my desk grumbling about being by myself all day, the Lord kindly said, “you’re doing it. you’re doing just what you said you didn’t understand. you’re being anxious”. and it broke my heart. i want to be so in love with Jesus and praising him so that ‘i don’t have time to maintain these regrets when i think about the way He loves me.”

and i can’t stop thinking of all the things i experience on a daily basis that i love. whether it is from a friend or from nature or from the one who know the desires of my heart.

i love talking about changing the world with people who care instead of who is dating whom.
i love flowers given to me.
i love a good cup of cold brew on a warm day.
i love people who are comfortable to be around.
i love the song that comes on at just the right time. or the sentence that leaps off the page of a book i am reading.
i love a breeze on a warm day.
i love running errands with people. doing real life together!
i love dark chocolate and pizza.
i love that i am in the exact place, time, job, season of life, etc that i am supposed to be. that i can do nothing to thwart the plans of God and that He didn’t create me for chaos.
i love good rest and good laughs.
i love love love being in the same room with someone while both of us are working on our projects. it really makes my heart so happy.
i love surprises. most of them anyway. the good ones. even the startling ones most of the time. hahaha

and i am so blessed. i experience so many of those all the time. and there a million more because i am easily excited. i am fairly happy all the time. i am content…in most ways. and then i have to repent for not being and laying it at His feet yet again. but what a great God we serve!!! what a kind God we serve. who saves us when we deserved death. who loves us though we deserve nothing.