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so maybe 5 months ago, shane jason mock told me about the trip to poland. my immediate response was man that sounds amazing but i don’t think that is the direction the Lord is calling me. hahahah first of all i didn’t even ask the Lord, i just knew i wasn’t called to overseas. and i still don’t feel like that is where i am being called. secondly what i was really thinking is that is busy season at work and there is no way they are going to let me off.

but Lord gave me favor at work. He blessed me in such a great way to go on this amazing trip. and leading up to it, there was intense battle for my mind. i was being attacked with things that i haven’t been attacked with in years. things that i thought i had under control…lies spoken that i knew how to speak truth to. satan was unrelenting. and i was curious to see why i was going on this trip. i mean i hear God but differently. maybe because i haven’t had as much practice but either way it is ok.

the first day i was there i had a huge conversation on theology with kristian, the husband of the family who was our contact. it was awesome. and then the next night when everyone else got there, somehow a few of us where hanging out and an intense prayer session for me broke out. there was speaking in tongues and interpretations. there was healing and serious weeping. none of this was what i was expecting. and i felt like God wanted me here to do stuff in me.

then we get to the festival. it was a rough start. but finally we were good to go. we did three workshops a day and then had a prayer/healing room at night. we prayed for and worked with 700+ people. it was beautiful. people were being healed of back pain and sickness. hearts were being mended and people were being restore with hope. it was the most incredible thing ever!

what is funny is i didn’t pray much. i ended up administrating a little. which is so funny to me. i knew i was supposed to go on this trip. i knew for sure i was supposed to go even though i wasn’t clear as to why. and i ended up doing what no on else on the team could do. or at least i did what would have caused everyone else much stress and draining energy. i enjoyed the puzzle of it all.

i did pray during one session and off and on as i was needed. but one of my favorites was there was a couple who walked in and wanted prayer. he had hurt his right elbow a few months ago and still couldn’t pick up his children or twist it because of the pain. so i prayed. father we invite you here. we say pain leave now in Jesus name. pain leave. and then i asked him to try it out. he twists his arm and says, “this is weird…i can’t find the pain”. i say thank you Jesus! his wife smacks him and says what did you expect? we prayed! hahahahh so this dude’s arm got healed. this was one of many healing stories and not by any means the most intense one but it was one that i got to be used. and it was fun!

i got to meet some amazing people from germany, switzerland and poland! it was such a blessing to be a part of restoring hope to the polish people. and i continue to pray that it catches like a wild fire, sweeping through the nation! i so look forward to going back next year and encouraging them some more. i can’t wait to see what the Lord does with what He brought us there to do.