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it has been a weekend/week of processing. reflection. challenge. encouragement. comfort.

i love that the Lord uses people as part of that. not all of it but part of it. He speaks and i listen and it sooooo good. and then there are moments when He uses someone else that you don’t know and they are probably talking about something else completely but God highlights a phrase, a word, a thought.

there has been an amazing man named Arjuna here since saturday. he is from india and is working with over 500 church planters.

on monday he talked to our staff about leadership and vision. he said two things. he talked about how in the early church those who suffered had more joy in sharing the gospel. he said their focus was not on what they lost…it was on God’s calling.

lesson 1: perspective change will probably help 99% of my jackedupedness

then he said something and i swear it was like it jumped out of his mouth and i was wearing 3D glasses and it was highlighted like with a marker.

the prize is real.

man. i know that. but it hit me like a ton of bricks. and then my mind was flooded with the truth that i know. like how romans 8 says that the suffering we go through won’t even compare. that means the loneliness i may feel here…it won’t even matter come time to be with Him. i was reminded that romans 5 says hope doesn’t disappoint. that means that the prize i hope in of being with Him for all eternity…it will NEVER disappoint.

and then my heart was at rest again. my circumstances didn’t change. my pain didn’t miraculously leave. but there was peace that He is working and moving and has his gaze ever fixed on me. that my friends is good news!