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i see this line that i straddle. sometimes i find myself on one side and other times on the other. and it seems the goal is to be the line not on either. or maybe it is just to be as close to the line and not on the far reaching edges on opposite sides of the line.

there is this line between not worrying about tasks because i don’t want to be ruled by them and finding identity in said tasks.

what i find interesting is the fact that often times i don’t even notice i have flipped flopped back and forth. one minute i am doing ministry cause i work at a church and then the next i realize i have a million things to do. how do you marry the two? how do you straddle the line.

the line which says i’m being productive because i have been entrusted with a certain amount of tasks but they are done open handedly.

i don’t think i have an answer. i think part of it is each day giving my day to the Lord, thanking Him that He is the best teacher ever and asking Him to teach me how to walk the line. teach me Lord to walk in faithfulness and fruitfulness. teach me to be productive and graceful.

at the root of it all, however, i see a sinner in need of a savior. i see a place of brokenness that only the Great Physician can heal. thankfully that Physician is my Father…who DELIGHTS in restoring and healing.

and so today, today i trust that He is perfecting that which He started. i didn’t even start it, He did. all i can do is listen and obey.