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i have had so many conversations with friends lately about sacrifice. about hardships. about pain. about letting go. so many different situations: laying down desires for what God is calling out right now, having no money, having lots of money and letting it go, broken hearts, etc, etc, etc.

and i find my heart being drawn back to isaiah 43. different verses highlighted each time. phrases almost jump off the page. “fear not”. “and I love you”. “I have called you by name”. “I am doing a new thing”. “rivers in the wilderness”. “ways in the dessert”. “they shall not overwhelm you”. “you are my witnesses”.

and i can’t help but weep with my friends even when they don’t see it. my heart breaks with them.i know the Father’s heart is sad to see them in pain. to see his beloved sons and daughters hurt.

and then i am reminded of the God i love. the God i serve.
– He is the God of exceeding abundantly.
– He is the one who makes a way in the sea.
– He calls us to follow in His steps. Rejection, pain and hard times are guaranteed to follow as is an abundant life lived in Him.
– He is the God who equips those He called to whatever He calls them.
– He is the provider.
– He is the perfect healer. healer of our hearts. physical pains.
– He is the one who makes a way when it seems there is no way to be made.
– He is all sufficient. all sustaining.
– He is light and life and love. He is perfect joy.
– He is the God who sent His son, forsook Him for our sake and rose Him again on the third day!
– He is the God of new beginnings, who delights in speaking to His children.

i think we forget. i forget. i forget He is this God when i don’t see Him doing it. when it is a season of Him pulling away so that i will push in, i forget that He is that God. He is this God. the God of infinite love and sacrifice. my heart is thankful in knowing that it is a joy and a privilege to serve Him even when it doesn’t feel like it.

it is in those seasons where these things don’t feel true to proclaim the truth even louder! truth brings freedom!