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Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4

I often wondered what this meant. I would pray and pray and I wouldn’t see anything happen. I would pray what I thought was His prayer and nothing would happen.

I by no means have arrived but I feel more clarity has come. The first part is crucial. Delight yourselves in The Lord. It doesn’t say ask Him for His prayers or do what He wants you to do. He calls us to simply delight in Him.

And out if that delight flows the desires of our hearts. I always thought that meant things I wanted out of life. Husband. Kids. To be used for His glory. And maybe it does on some level but I feel like its bigger.

The last three years I have chosen a word or phrase to grow in/learn about. The first year was hope. Man how The Lord showed me what hope was truly all about. Last year it was thankful and passionate pursuer. And that has been a super fun one!

This year I chose faith/trust. This has not so been a fun one but man I see the Lords faithfulness to grow it. But what’s fun is it wasn’t something I did or came up with on my own. In my time if sitting and delighting in the Ming of the Universe and His delight for me, my hearts desire was that I would trust Him more. That I would trust my God who has always provided and protected me.

So He is working it in me. Opportunity after opportunity. Circumstances bleak and hard…trust. Barrage of lies and thought…shield of faith.

At the end of the day that is what is encouraging. That is what will make your heart rest easy. That all of these are working together. I have assured hope in a Jesus worthy if all my hope. I can passionately pursue Him cause He is worthy. I get to be thankful to a God who came to save me while I was still His enemy. I get to trust the only one who is perfectly faithful. That my friends is a good day.