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so for lent i have removed myself from social media. no facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc for 40 days. at first it was really difficult. what is going on around me? what events am i going to miss? i don’t get to see the pictures posted or random statuses.

it has been weird but at the same time ok. quite good in fact. it is showing me things i think i already knew but really letting them sink in. things like just because you see something on someone’s facebook wall doesn’t mean you know them. just because you posted pictures of what you did last night with your friends doesn’t mean people know you. that knowing people is more than just knowing about people.

this past weekend i got to take it a step further and removed myself from the city. from the known. from a comfortable bed. from running water and a lovely gas stove. my sweet friend and i went camping for two nights. we got to camp right on the water. few people around. none within close proximity. it was delightful!

and as i read my book, albeit fiction, the Lord reminded how He was working. that He IS in fact working. working when i see it and when i don’t. working for my good and His glory.

and in the stillness i get to know Him and know that He is truly God.