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it is so interesting to see the seasons in my life. there are seasons of ridiculous joy. seasons of nothing working out. seasons of favor. seasons of correction. etc. not that any of these given things exist solely in a season but they are predominant.

last summer was an intense season of repentance. the Lord kept showing me the brokenness of who i am. of my despair with out Him. it felt like every day i was crying and asking for forgiveness. that kind of thing can ware you out. but it is only a season and then it is on to the next.

i don’t know if i have specifically identified the season between that and the current one i feel i am in. maybe it was just a restful season. starting a new job that i am blown away by. much alone time. reading. writing. seeking. the comfort when i worry that i am making a wrong decision is that He is so faithful to correct those whom He loves.

which i feel like is my current season. a season of correction. needing to do better in abc and figuring out the root of xyz sin. people feel like they can come to me and challenge me. it is so hard. it is so hard to hear someone you respect challenge you. tell you that you need to grow in this. but how glorious it is that i now see and can actually grow in these areas.

what if we never knew? what if He never corrected? i am so thankful that i am not left to myself. that He considers me worthy to pursue and discipline and correct. i am so thankful that i am surrounded by friends who tell me i sounded frustrated on a phone call i just got off of. when the rubber meets the road, that is what community is about. i would rather walk it in community and have the friction than walk it alone and clueless any day!