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as i left dinner last night i thought “i am just gonna go to the gym instead of going to prayer”. i don’t even know why that was what i felt like doing and then something in me was needing to go to prayer. i think “i’ll get up at 5 and go to the gym AND do prayer.” and then i find myself waking at 2:10. then 4 am. when i check the workout it is the one thing i couldn’t do on Monday and decide it isn’t worth it. crazy dreams ensue.

and then i get to prayer. there are three of us. evidently it is the morning everyone has called in.

but it was incredible.

justin asked, “where are you?”


“where are you?”

still not catching on…he explains it like a 5 year old would need.

“ahhhhhhh,” i say. he goes first. and then i share.

i share that i am learning that community, though it is a must, can’t be so much that God isn’t first. i share what i have heard Him tell me about this season. i share that i think i am in a good spot. i share that though there is sadness there is peace. i share that He is teaching me to come to Him first, when there is no community, so that when there is, He’s still first.

“so what you’re telling me is that God ordained this dry season”… well if He didn’t ordain it, He sure is using it.

we prayed. we praised. we petitioned. we pursued.

it was incredible. i don’t think i have had a communal prayer time like that in a long time. He was faithful, yet again, like He always is, to show up and speak like to our Spirit men. to quench the desperate thirst that only He could fill. and in this time, in seeing thing after event after encounter, my heart is filled with hope that He actually is doing and preparing me for what He has told me.

i learn to trust a little bit more. i grow a little more thankful.