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i completely love the people i get to do life with. really and truly. i read a comment by Kris Vallotton the other day…

Having a close friend is so important. We need a person that we can confide in…who is wise and will tell us the truth as we process life together. But we must also enjoy being with each other and have something fun in common. True friends like each other for who they are not for what they can do for each other. Friends sacrifice for one another and don’t feel inconvenienced when they have to go out of their way to help one another. True friends are loyal no matter what. You can relax around them and they love one another in spite of their flaws. My Mama used to tell me that if a man has three true friends in their life, they are rich. I believe Mama was right.

it got me to thinking about who is in my life. there are a couple that are those kind of friends. i can just be with. there are a couple that are on their way to that place. and i find myself completely blown away.

so what does that have to do with secrets? i recently got to go on vacation with two of the best friends a person could ask for. friends who “discuss” and wrestle through things and at the end of the day, are some of the most safe and trusted people i know. we aren’t perfect but it’s great. on said vacation, we got to talking about secrets. secrets with the Lord and secrets with people.

they love secrets. i don’t so much. maybe in part because i love sharing. i love being open. and probably because i never really had anyone to share secrets with. it was never enjoyable to me. others had secrets but it always left me feeling left out.

this may sound cheesy but i feel like it is yet one more way the Lord is meeting simple places on my child heart that i didn’t even know i had neglected. He is mending and repairing. He is redeeming and restoring.

excitement stirs in my heart for the secrets i will get to have with friends. for things that seem so simple, that once were laid by the wayside.