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It’s early and the city hasn’t quite woken up yet. I sit in the courtyard of my hotel, blanket wrapped around my shoulders next to the empty pool and take I. The fresh smell of being on a island. The birds chirp (making me want to grab a shotgun 🙂 ) and the sun tries to steal a peek inside. The wind blows rustling the leaves and I slowly wake up. Thankful for quiet and alone time. Time to journal and read and contemplate how satisfy my coffee addiction that has somehow gone unnoticed for the last two days only having. Caffeine has been dosed in small amounts from coke but it just isn’t the same. 


Yesterday we checked out the black sand beaches of perissa. Beautiful! It is t really Sand though. They are billions and billions of tiny pebbles. Not so comfotable for taking a walk.



We eventually get our ATV and head north. It’s cold and the wind rips though my thin jacket as if it were t there. We stumble across a lighthouse and watch the sun go slowy down. There are many people there, most don’t know how golden silence really is. We leave and begin our descent down the windy narrow path back perissa.



Now I have driven an ATV once before. More of a motorcycle girl myself. This thing scared the crap out of me. Bethany didn’t want to drive so I did. I kept trying to turn he vehicle by leaning…it doesn’t work on 4 wheels. Now on a jet ski, if you turn to harshly and fly off…no biggie, for a swim you go. But on this I could die! I finally feel more comfotable driving. Which is good. We have yet another day on the ATV around town.



And in all of it, it’s so fun to see God’s fingerprints everywhere we go. How he crafted each pebble on the beach and rose up each hill and mountain. He placed each tree that is so unique from the rest know at which height to grow leaves and how tall to reach. He sustains the clouds in the sky like giant fluffy cotton balls that remain unbothered by the planes flying through them.



So thankful to be here. To step outside the chaos. To escape the overwhelmedness and bask in His beauty and delight over me. Such an incredible blessing. And now…off to he bakery full of deliciousness with baked goods that America can simply not come close to in comparison.