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pursuit is an interesting thing. we pursue things we like. for some it is money and power. for some it is freedom and flexibility. for some it is companionship and love. for most of us it is a mixture of all of them. different seasons we pursue different things.

what i find so interesting is the fact that God is ALWAYS pursuing me. whether i am pursuing Him or not. He is relentlessly pursuing.

a few weeks ago, i got to share my story with my community group. it was a lot of fun. and in preparing to share my story, i looked back at old journals. trying to figure out questions like: when did things click in my head and heart toward God? what was important to me? etc.

something that i was surprised by was how many dreams i wrote about. i currently dream a lot. the Lord speaks to me a lot through dreams. as i flipped through my journal, i only landed on a couple but they were both about getting married. one was to a guy named ryan (which means king).

and it hit me like a ton of bricks that even though i didn’t know the Lord talked to me through those dreams, He was pursuing me even then. He was inviting me to be united with Him even though i wasn’t getting it!

and even now, united with Him, He still pursues. He still loves. He still rescues me from the miry pit. He does it all in spite of me! how could i not give Him my life and my love?