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tonight i got to go to one of my bestest friend’s c group she launched a month ago. the Lord has been doing fun stuff! teaching identity. speaking truth. loving on these daughters of His, whom He greatly cares for. He is inviting them into His presence and they are quick to respond. it’s beautiful!

one girl shared how she read my post yesterday, talking about promises being made and now preparations happening. it started a discussion of asking the Lord to reveal promises. to show promises already made and a petition for new promises. a call to the Most High God to come through in exceeding, abundantly extravagant ways!

He doesn’t promise sweet cars or hot spouses. He doesn’t promise all the money in the world or earthly treasures. He promises the goodness of who He is. and it looks different for each person. it looks different for each heart who seeks Him.

ask Him. ask Him what His promises are to you. ask Him to remind you of promises made before. ask Him to come and shower you with His love and His promises for a future full of hope. and when you hear the heart of the King, share it so that others will be encouraged. none of it was ever meant to be kept just for ourselves!