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i think i have spent a good majority of my life planning for the “next” thing. whether it was something i knew was coming or something i hoped would come. i was so desperate for something to change that all my focus went there.

and what’s interesting is how much that has changed in the last few years. not to say i never think about what’s coming next or what i am hoping for but it is different. i think i have learned to engage and embrace process.

so often we want to write process off as too hard and just skip past it but it is in the midst of process that God does some of the most amazing things. obviously we are always in process, but some seasons are more intensive and it is in those seasons of process that i find God doing more in my life than He could do in the easy going ones.

process is the opportunity to partner with God in what He is doing in my life. i could buck process. i could do things my way. totally my choice. but when i partner with Him, crazy things happen. there is peace that doesn’t even make sense. pain that would otherwise crush me somehow seems bearable. though the situation may look completely dismal, there seems to be a hope stronger than anything else.

i am thankful for the time that is no longer spent wasting the process, wasting the waiting. for it is there that the magic happens.