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i love reading through isaiah. it’s so good. especially chapters 40 through 58. they feel so hopeful. so exciting. so refreshing. and it is fun to read them on this awesome reader bible my friend got for me. no verse numbers, just paragraphs like a book. it takes reading to a different place.

in chapter 41 God is talking about the poor and needy. and how He will satisfy their needs. then out of no where the wilderness is a pool of water and the dry land is springs of water.

it reminds me of the “and suddenly” theme. God is working. all the time. He is using all that is going on in our lives to benefit us, to give Him glory even when He doesn’t orchestrate it. often times we don’t see it. don’t believe He is working cause how could He, the situation seems so dire! BUT HE IS!

the fun part is in the midst of being faithful and moving cause He said go, the and suddenly happens. breakthrough happens. as you are parched and thirsty, you stumble across a spring of water that is the sweetest tasting water you have ever had.

not only does He bring refreshing but i love the next verse it talks about how He puts trees in the desert that, outside of Him, could never survive there. and He puts trees together that don’t even exist in the same climates. and then He says…

that they may see and know, may consider and understand together, that the hand of the Lord has done this, the Holy One of israel has created it.

ha! that’s our God. He does crazy beyond what we could even imagine just so we can know it is Him who does it.

that is my God.