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Obedience is an interesting thing. It is so easy to call it forth in others but when He is drawing you to new places, are you willing to go?

Two weeks ago I stood in a driveway while the rain drizzled and listened to my best friend ask what I would do if God called me to something else after such a short stent in my new position. I immediately thought he was asking to reassure himself. Little did I know what was yet to come.

A few days later I find myself listening to a man ask me to quit a job I had just started to work at a church. My initial response was “nah”. It is a big decision so I will pray about it I said. And it is in that moment, the moment of surrendering my will to whatever His will is did I find the opportunity to be obedient. As I fasted and prayed and held out my future before the Maker of ways, it was no longer a “whatever I want” choice, it became an obedience choice. A choice of choosing His way over what I thought would be best.

I haven’t even started yet and I grow more excited every day. Not because it will be perfect. Not because I think I will never be frustrated with my boss or coworkers. Not because it will be easy. I am excited because He has yet to let me down when He has called me. He has asked me to do some crazy things but never have I been left to flounder, even in the fire. Sometimes I feel like He is asking me to step into the fire and though it is going on around me, I walk out, not even smelling like smoke.

His faithfulness to honor obedience excites me. The heart he is growing in me to be obedient out of joy rather than fear excites me. His perfect equipping for the present season excites me.

But if you never take that step of faith in obedience, you miss out on all that excitement. When you don’t jump, you are left standing on one side of a puddle wondering how you will ever make it across.

While I sit outside by the pond during my lunch break, I feel like I am supposed to read Job 9. Go read it. It’s so good. In the beginning of the chapter Job says, “who has contended with the Lord and won?” We can fight Him all day long. We can choose not to be obedient to His best for our lives…but in the end, He wins. Every time. Job goes on to talk about all the things God can/does do. “[He] does great things, unfathomable, and wondrous works without number.”

I can’t help but think about how we obviously have choices, but also how our choices obviously matter. We get to choose to partner with the Maker of the universe or fight with Him, lose and then do it His way. Might as well surrender and enjoy the ride since He knows what He is doing!

I challenge you to take some time. Ask Him where you aren’t being obedient. Ask Him where He wants you to grow in this. Life is never the same after!