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over the latter end of this week and all weekend long the Lord has just really been refreshing me. in perseverance, i feel like i am seeing before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear. isaiah 65:24 the Lord has used specific words and been so kind to love on me and share with me His feelings toward me.

i got to spend the weekend on a 1,600 acre farm. we prayed for each other and laughed and drank in the beauty and creative of the master artist. i got to sing “how great thou art” while sitting under a blanket of the most beautiful sky ever. it was so refreshing. so encouraging. so life giving!

so today i am headed back with a couple of my friends, roary and jordan. we decided to stop at the famous Sid’s in el reno for an onion burger. i could tell the waitress was heavy but i didn’t feel like i had anything for her. and then jordan said something about our waitress needing some encouragement and so i said so encourage her. they both were like it should come from a girl and that is about where the conversation ended.

i sat there and thought well i don’t have anything…only to realize i didn’t even ask. then i heard greater things. and my heart started to pound in my chest. at this point i am think well crap now i have to say something. to not would be sheer disobedience even though the only one who would know is the Lord.

roary leaves and jordan stands to go to the bathroom as A.J. brings me my change. i asked if i could share something and then told her that sometimes i hear things from God and that i felt like He wanted her to know that He saw her. at this point she has a look like what in the world are you saying. and i kept going. i said that He wanted big things for her and that there was more than this diner. that if she wanted something all she needed to do was ask.

by the end she was smiling really big and thanked me for the encouraging word. and honestly i think i may have been more blessed in the whole transaction. i don’t usually have words for people like and so after asking and never hearing, i think i have just stopped asking. tonight the Lord was so kind to give me a word of encouragement. and i hope she was  blessed but i know my faith grew a little more.

and that is the power that raised Christ from the dead dwelling in me! you can have it too. and if you do have it, stand tall in it, taking the authority that is your in Christ Jesus, being obedient to listen and follow what you see Him doing, ready to repent and respond to His promptings.