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Sometimes in life I feel like there are no answers. There isn’t necessarily right or wrong answers. Sometimes there is no go this direction or go that way. Sometimes we are simply walking. Listening and in the void watching and waiting for His faithfulness.

I feel like its these seasons that are harder. I want to know the way to take. More often I want to know what I’m doing wrong. Surely I am doing something wrong if the desired outcome isn’t what I had hoped it would be. But even as I type I realize that still some warped prosperity gospel floating around in my head that if I do it “rightly” the outcome will be desirable.

Sometimes, that’s just not the case. I keep hearing Him whisper that. Don’t get ahead of me. Just because you’re doing everything right doesn’t mean it’s the right time for xyz.

And my heart is reminded that I am simply a sinful (wo)man. I am a double-minded woman not trusting the promises of God. I am in separate need of a savior. My heart grows ever more thankful that He doesn’t quit on us or forsake us. My heart is comforted by the unshakeable truth that He loves me…ridiculously.