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boxes begin to stack up. plans begin to take shape. my lease is taken over by a girl but i have no place to go yet. oh the life i lead. the adventure that lays before me. the place i wanted didn’t happen which makes me wonder what God has in store instead.

this will be my 18th move since high school. my 25th roommate. it is the first roommate in oklahoma that i will know before moving in with and am quite excited to be living with miss whitney. the adventures i hope we have…

once we find a place to live that is.

as i rummage through my stuff and see what else i don’t need; what else i can get rid of, i come across old stuff. i’m not very sentimental with most things. sometimes i fear i will be later and will be frustrated that i tossed such and such. but i always get rid of more stuff when i move.

but books…they just stack up. over 5 boxes worth so far. 2 full bookshelves full.

and every time i move, i remember this ain’t my home. it’s just stuff in a place over my head. i can make it homey but i’d so much rather be at HOME in the presence of God. how awesome it is going to be!!!!

in the meantime, i live it up. i enjoy my place. the things the Lord has given me. my friends. my family from afar. my work. whatever else he has for me in the future.