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something i love about the Lord is that He invites us on a journey with Himself. He doesn’t command. He doesn’t make us do anything. He simply meets us where we are and then invites us.

for me, the invitation comes after He does some strong convincing that my way isn’t working out, or that he has a better way, or something of the like.

recently as i was hanging with the Lord, we worked through some stuff that led me to this place of showing me that i didn’t, in fact, believe He will actually be completely satisfying in and of Himself. that i run to other things.

this is not new news but the revelation of it is in fact timely. it was as if i was hit in between the eyes with the harsh truth that i didn’t find Him satisfying in certain parts of my life. as He began highlighting things, my heart breaks. then it feels hopeless; doubtful for change if it hasn’t happened yet.

and then He so assuredly reminds me that He is so much bigger, better, and infinitely more capable to change my heart and show me how incredibly satisfying He actually is. it is Him who is capable. it is Him who has the power to do the work as i let Him have His way in my life.

every craving. every desire. every passion. they are all His anyway. each and every single one of them. at the core of them all…they are made to be satisfied in Him. each one was given to point to a God who is greater; better than all the rest.

and until i let Him do His work in me, i will keep letting anything else try to have a go at satisfying the longing inside.

maybe you’re craving…good things, delightful things, things that God created for His people to enjoy. what are you doing with them though? do you let the King of Kings have His way with them or do you let the craving take the place of the one who gave it?

But they soon forgot his works; they did not wait for his counsel.
But they had a wanton craving in the wilderness, and put God to the test in the desert;

Psalm 106:13-14 ESV

as Lysa TerKeurst explains, it is so easy to cave to craving, no matter what the craving may be, while in the desert. in the place where there is deprivation. it is in this place where we must run to Jesus and let Him be the one who satisfies or the cycle continues.