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it’s so interesting to me to see how the world views love. it is so backward from what God says love is. the world says it isn’t love unless it is pretty; it isn’t love unless it is easy; it isn’t love unless it feels good. but i dare say that misses the true picture of love.

i have been processing loving well for the last week or two and then sunday josh talked about john 13. this new commandment He gave was not to love as the world loves but to love as He loved. recklessly and completely. He loved in such a way that it changed things around Him.

the truth is that loving well hurts sometimes. the truth is that it requires blood, sweat, and tears. it requires sacrifice, work and compassion. sometimes it means we walk away and lay down our rights for the good of someone else.

Jesus could have said He didn’t “deserve” to die but instead went to the cross. He could have been boastful in His perfection but instead served in humility. He could have chosen to stay in heaven where He was comfortable but He gave up His rights and loved us even unto death.

it’s not all pain and frustration with no beauty or joy. love like God’s love, is the most beautiful of loves on earth! it draws people in, it covers sins, and it points us back to Jesus. the purpose of EVERY gift given to us is to point us back to Jesus. the beauty is the peace of knowing His love and being filled so full with it that we are able to change the world around us as we love like Him.

oh that we would love like Jesus who loved us perfectly first by becoming a sacrifice then an example. we can only love because He loved first!