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as i sat in a staff meeting and listened to one of my team members give the WHY to his ministry, my attention was drawn to something he said. living an extravagant, lavish, extraordinary life!

before you jump the gun and say extravagant…that means over the top, frivolous, wasteful, etc. hear me out.

Jesus came so that we could live an abundant life (john 10:10). abundant being something that is present in great quantity; more than adequate; oversufficient; richly supplied. it is a big deal. He didn’t come and live and die so that we could just settle for what the world has.

and then last night i am sitting watching a preview for “Father of Lights” and the narrator talks about how people in other religions seek out the gods and spread lavish table for these gods but in Christianity our God seeks us out. He is the one who provides a lavish table for us!

and then as i read this morning i read of how He lavishly showed mercy! He didn’t turn away the ones who came just for healing and food. He healed them and gave them food. He didn’t yell at the ones who didn’t have their lives together and were banking on their religious heritage but screwing up. He had compassion and mercy on them.

and i can’t help but wonder if my love is lavish. do i love the way He loved? do i love ridiculously? with such grace and mercy people wonder how do i do it? do i have such mercy that i literally love the hell out of people?

i don’t. i am short with people. i judge instead of showing mercy. i am prideful instead of humble. which just leads my heart to more thankfulness that He hasn’t given up on me. that He isn’t finished with me. that He is continuing the work of perfecting me in Christ Jesus!