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i think we well always have struggles so much that we are humans and we wage war against our flesh. and yes as we rest in His grace and walk by the Spirit, we do well. but even Paul himself said that he does the very things he doesn’t want to do!

then there are those times where i am like i am good with ______________. whatever it may be. not working too much. not eating too much. loving my family well. etc. etc. etc. and then it is as if satan sees the confident stride and is like “oh yeah…well let’s knock you back a couple.” and whatever i am walking in confidence in is barraged.

is it just me?

am i the only one?

surely not. but who really enjoys talking or thinking about it. and it got me thinking about a snippet of a conversation i had with a friend about walking in their identity as God and others see them. what if that is how we lived our lives…ALL THE TIME. instead of on just the good days.

that is where i fight to be. that is where my heart longs to be. walking constantly in the truth that God loves me far more than i can imagine or could ever deserve. because He loves me, certain things are true. His promises are true. His protection and provision are true. His faithfulness is true.

Graham Cooke talked about how if we really knew how much He loved us, we would never struggle with faith again. that faith is the natural result of being loved.

this year i want to know, down to the core of my being, His great love for me. i want to know it in a way that never leaves me confident in Him one day and bawling my eyes out the next. i want to know, on a personal level, His love in ways i have never known before.

excited to see how this goes!