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i love the story of abraham. i am pretty confident that every time i have read it, God speaks. and not little things. not those one liners that are so good. i mean that God highlights entire belief systems and callings and brokenness. He highlights them in such a way that brings freedom or at the least, major progress in that direction.

that being said, i read all the time about abraham.

i picked up this book at half price books a couple of years ago for $3 and have yet to read it but felt like it was time a week or so ago. it isn’t by a christian but by one who is learning about the christian faith. he is approaching it from muslim, jewish and christian beliefs.

so i usually get rocked through abraham’s story…not sarah or ishmael or issac.

then as i am reading this book the author paraphrases sarah.

“look,” she tells abraham, “the Lord has kept me from bearing. consort with my maid; perhaps i shall have a son through her.”

two things kicked me in the teeth. the Lord has kept me from bearing… dang! if you read my last blog post it was all about trust. ridiculous trust. the kind of trust when He keeps me from being married or having kids. He is completely sovereign. all the time. in every situation.

then the last sentence. perhaps i shall…she didn’t trust. she wanted to try and do it on her own. she wanted what God had promised so badly that she thought she could have what was promised to her through someone else. how quick we are to take matters into our own hands.

i pray that today you trust. you let go of that thing promised, hoped for, desired, longed for. let the One who has kept it from you bring it to you in His perfect time. He is faithful and He is good.