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of a sunny early morning the peace is refreshing. i find the silence calming and soothing. and i realize that this won’t last forever so i soak it up. my parents will wake up soon and we will be off on the adventure for the day. down the road i hope to have a family and it will never be the same as right now. this precious time God gave to wake up and just be still. how thankful i am for that.

i have spent a lot of my life rushing to get to the next thing. people would say it isn’t about the destination but about the journey. yeah yeah yeah i would say. not that i am some wise ole sage now, but i truly understand that statement now. it is so fun to be able to enjoy the moment for what it is. whatever God is blessing you with or however fun the experience, to just sit and enjoy the very moment without rushing to whatever you want to happen next is sweet.

and i don’t know how i got there. i don’t know how i came to appreciate it. i know i wanted to but always found myself rushing. it is those moments of realization that i can’t help but thank the Lord cause you know you didn’t have anything to do with it. it is in those moments that i can look and see that God is doing immeasurably more than i could think or imagine. that He is making me into someone i only dreamed of being. and it makes me excited to see what else is in store!

and so the balance is fought for. the balance between expecting and resting. asking in His name and trusting Him to be faithful. some days are a battle and other days i think why did i ever worry.

O LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago. – Isaiah 25:1