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tonight i sat in a class and listened to a man describe how the word is personified. how john 1 says that the Word was with God and that it was God.

then he said something that i know i have heard before but it stuck out to me tonight.

the Word is the exact representation of who God is.


if i’m being honest, that is scary. it is scary to me because there are stories like Job. there are people who’s heart God hardened just so He would be glorified. there are some that He loved before they did anything and hated before they did anything.

but that isn’t the whole picture. and it could be so easy to camp out here when life isn’t going as we had hoped or it much worse than we could have dreaded. it could be so easy to camp out here if there wasn’t more to the story.

but there is more!!!

Jesus left the perfection of heaven to come and be here…among the sinners…tempted like the sinners…and walked perfectly. and after walking perfectly, he satisfied completely the debt i owed for my sins. though i am a sinner by nature and choice, while i was still a sinner He chose to reconcile me to Him. He chose to draw me. He gave me the faith by which i call on His name.

and though abraham never saw that, i think that is the mindset that he went through as he considered his circumstances and yet his faith grew. he saw God for who He really is, not for what his circumstances told him He was.

we serve a mighty God. a God of “exceeding, abundantly”. we serve a sacrificing, grace-filled, awe inspiring God. unfortunately too many of us have put Him in this tiny box where He doesn’t belong.