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as humans we were created to worship. depending on what we believe, we worship different things. some worship. some worship football. some worship alcohol or sex or money. some worship food or comfort, a super sneaky one.

i love tim keller’s definition of an idol. it makes it so plain and simple. he says that an idol is a good thing but is elevated to ultimate thing.

some idols are more easy to spot. it is clear when alcohol or drugs is your idol. it is clear when work is your idol. it is clear when sports is your idol.

for me, my idol has been food. i don’t even think i really knew that. i sat in the office of someone i love and trust frustrated with my lack of ability to lose weight. to not breakthrough whatever it was that was holding me back. she asked me to consider that i might have made food an idol. i thought surely not.

but there it was.

the frustrating thing is that everyone has one but some are judged much quicker. my particular idol makes it obvious to the world around me. it’s not better or worse than someone who is struggling with an idol of comfort or shopping.

in the end, every idol is wrong. there is only one who is worth all my worship and praise.

this last week as i talked with God about this idol i spent a lot of time asking for forgiveness. renouncing lies that come with having idols as well as replacing it with truth that He says. i know the battle isn’t over because there are still habits. but what i do know, is that it no longer has precedence in my heart.

what’s your idol? what are you gonna do about it?