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sometimes i am a slow learner. sometimes (a.k.a. often) i have to learn the hard way…over and over and over.

over the past decade there have been many a instance where i have thought, “well i’ll never do that” or “Lord, anything but that”. i remember thinking “i’ll never work for a church again”. the last time didn’t end well. lots of hurt. lots of disappointment. which was then followed by lots of redemption. lots of healing. lots of grace.

and now…i find myself starting a new job tomorrow at a church. not even in a position i thought i would ever be in, but here i am. and i know that God is in it. i can clearly hear His voice. the favor and the way it all came together screams the Lord’s handiwork. and if He does this in things i don’t even “want” why do i continue to have unbelief that He works in the things i actually want.

He says that He is a good gift giver. Every good thing comes from the Father of lights in whom there is no variation or shifting shadow James 1 says. He promises to not give us stones when we ask for bread…but sometimes i feel like i have a frickin’ boulder in my hand instead of a light fluffy baguette (or probably something more paleo friendly!).

tonight i got to visit a c group. we talked about the message today. josh preached out of john 6. Jesus challenges His disciples as they say what He had just talked about (eating His flesh and drinking His blood) was a hard thing. He says the Spirit brings life! there is life in those hard words. just like there is life in those boulder situations. the ones where you’re thinking…uh hello?

it makes me giddy with anticipation. He is moving. He is showing. He is revealing more of Himself. He is giving. He is preparing. He is making preparations for the promises He has made. He is the Maker of Ways!!!!

and i am thankful for the way He is making. each day is something new. my affections for my Lord and Savior grow ever deeper and my heart grows a little more thankful as He reminds my ridiculous mind of His faithfulness!