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it is really fun to get to operate in your gifting. sometimes it is just a little bit of gifting but when you walk in more of your gifting, the fun goes through the roof. as i watched people operate in their gifting this past weekend it was encouraging. it was so much fun. it was life giving even when my body didn’t feel like it was.

but as i got in my car to leave to go home on monday, i had the thought that i should come back for an end of day meeting. as i sat with it i realized i just wanted to be there to be heard. to have a voice cause i was good at something. and at the root of it, it was pride. at the root, i wanted to be seen as or feel important.

now, per the strong recommendation from a couple friends, recently i started watching the West Wing. it is actually really good. but as i drove home a phrase popped into my head from the show.

“i serve at the pleasure of the president”

i immediately felt convicted. i wasn’t merely serving at the pleasure of my King…i was serving at the pleasure of being seen.

how often do we all do that? it is so easy to take something of good repute and turn it into a “look at me” contest. always wanting to be affirmed or gain accolades. either way it leaves us empty. either way it leaves us lacking because nothing was meant to fill us like the one who created us. at the end of the day, if no one ever notices, no prize is ever won…

i want to serve at the pleasure of my King.