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It is amazing to me the favor The Lord lavishes on me when I travel. It is always something whether some stranger buying me a meal or a cute guy hitting on me on a day I feel I look ridiculous or perfect timing with transportation. Not that every trip is flawless but my trips, since my backpacking trip especially, are usually filled with many moments of sweet favor from The Lord.

It is in those moments that I grumble that I am reminded of how broken I am. How selfish I am. How self-centered I am. I want to walk in the beauty of God, knowing and trusting that ALL of it is somehow for my good and His glory even when I can’t see with my blind eyes.
The truth of the matter is He is in everything. Every interaction. Every frustration. Every tear. Every laugh. Every joy. The days my heart longs to be married and I can’t seem to escape the heart wrenching sadness, He is there. The days where I can’t help but to laugh, He is there.
This trip has already been filled with it all and I’m thankful yet again that He is in it all. I am thankful that He continues to speak to me while I travel. I am thankful that He is with me every moment of every day.