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I dream of men being men. I dream of them pursuing women and being the leaders God has called them to be.

I dream of women being women. Of being able to be a helper and “lifesaver” for a man.

I dream of single parents not going without community.

I dream of churches rallying together to meet the needs of the neighborhoods in which they live.

I dream of Christians no longer taking this amazing gift He has given us and throwing it to the side and sweeping it under the rug of “grace”.

I dream of a generation that is tired of the apathy in heart. I dream of a generation that wants to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

I dream of community among believers where no one has need and life is done together. I dream of a community of believers where nonbelievers are welcomed with open arms the same way I once was by God.

That is a whole lot of prayer. I see why paul said to pray without ceasing. Papa I pray that you would rise up your men to lead. I pray that they would be so filled with your spirit that their only response is the one that directs them towards you. I pray that you would so fill the women with your spirit that men would be won over without a word. I pray that you would put on the hearts of people to desire the things you desire and hate the things you hate when their hearts desire the things you hate and hate the things you desire. God wreck this generation for you. Let hearts be drawn back to you.