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have you ever been at a fork in the road and you don’t know which way to go? this job or that? move here or there? go to this event or that one?

i find in the lives of so many that this is such a common theme. they don’t know what God is saying or doing. they don’t know how to respond to a situation that is new to them. maybe it is something small and maybe it is a major life decision.

how do you handle that? what do you do?

it’s hard. sometimes even quite painful. sometimes it is exhilarating but we live in a world that wants to know. know what’s coming. know what’s happening. and they want to be in the know the minute it happens.

i find myself in a place where there are things i don’t know. there are questions i still have. are you actually saying this God? is that what you are doing?

while i would love to have a million solutions unfortunately i only have the one i know how to do.

keep going in the direction He told you to go until He says stop.

that may not sound like much revelation but it has rung true in my life.

you see God has told me a lot of big picture things where we were going in this season. and it has been hard and though i know He is preparing me for something, sometimes i get so focused on “is anything happening? am i actually growing?” that i forget to walk in the direction He told me.

you see growth happens and often we don’t see it. it happens in the winter and blossoms don’t come along til spring. it happens slowly so that we can only actually see growth when compared to a point in the past.

maybe you’re trying to decipher your major. or figure out where to live. whatever the decision is what was the last thing He said to you? if you don’t know, ask Him to remind you. if it doesn’t seem to fit, ask Him how it does. and then at the end of exhausting that, maybe He is simply saying “you choose!”

as christians, i think we often get so focused on God telling us everything to do. i think there are moments where He cares greatly about the details and wants us to do something specifically. then there are other times where He is inviting us to dream and make a choice. if He isn’t being clear, MOVE. move in a direction you sense is God and He promises to correct us. He will move us in the direction we want to go but i think so often He waits til we are moving. you can’t course correct a stagnant object.

take a minute. where could you be moving that you have been waiting and He hasn’t said wait? where are you moving about that He has said be still? there is peace to be had in resting in His embrace if only you will trust Him.