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that awkward moment that God chooses to meet you like you asked and it “back fires”.

this morning as i sat down to read my Bible for a bit. i found myself constantly distracted. by anything. by nothing. so i just simply asked him to reveal some of himself to me in it today. that i wouldn’t walk away from this time of reading simply to read but to be grown from it.

and then i read it…

woe…to those who say, “let God hurry, let him hasten to his work so we may see it.” – isaiah 5:19

dang. i am pretty sure i instantaneously broke down in crying. that is exactly what i do. “God could we speed this up a little?” “why are you taking so long Father?” “what is going on up there? did i miss something?” “how long, o Lord?”

woe to me. i am pretty confident that i don’t want to be doing anything isaiah is talking about and saying “woe” to. i think i would like to actually do the opposite. and yet i find myself broken, in the place of “how long?”

i am so thankful that even at the end of the day as i ask the same question, he gently reminds me. “what did you read this morning?” ugh! i am in such need of a savior. in such need of grace. mercy.

he is IT. he is I AM. he is everything i need in any given moment. he is my REWARD.

is he yours?