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it’s easier said than done…


it’s easier to tell someone to take every thought than to do it for yourself.
it’s easier to say community is a good idea than actually live it.
it’s easier to say challenge and confrontation is good and necessary than actually listen when it comes.

i have to remind myself of this…all the time.

i know challenge and confrontation and correction is good. but it still sucks to see your brokenness clear as day.
i know that in the end i am thankful for it. but i hate humbling myself to say that i was wrong.

i know i talk about how important it is. i know i saw we have to challenge each other. and i think it is true. i think the sad part is that, most of the time, we never have people in our lives willing to stand up. to BE community. to challenge. so we settle into our little ruts.

maybe you’re thinking well no one ever challenges her…

not true. i am blessed with some of the most incredible friends. not all of them call me out but i have a few. just this week for instance i was told:

– i hijack conversations sometimes when i walk up to a couple people talking
– i take something i have done for someone else and turn it into something they didn’t do
– i am harsh and yell at people without ever raising my voice
– when a guy is suggested to me to be interested in, i often state the good and then say “but….”

maybe none of those seem like a big deal to you. each was difficult to swallow. if you have ever been a part of a conversation i hijack, made to feel small or unappreciated, my deepest heart’s cry is for forgiveness.

it isn’t easy to hear any of those things. but tomorrow i will be a little more aware. i have the potential to be a little more like Christ and considering others more important. if no one ever challenged me, i would never have that opportunity.

it is easier said that done…but then again, God never called us to easy now did He?