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the other night i was meditating on ephesians 2:10. (before you freak out cause i used the word meditate…it’s all over the bible. google it, i dare you.)

anyways, i was thinking about this verse.

for we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

i was particularly focused on the part where it says…

which He prepared beforehand

the truth hit me. He’s excited about me. He’s excited about what He has for me to do. He is excited about the good works He has prepared for me and He is excited to do them with me.

maybe you are thinking i read a little far into that one. nah.

  • hezekiah talks about how He “dances and sings over us”.
  • deuteronomy talks about how His people are “His portion”.
  • ephesians talks about how we are “His inheritance”.

so it doesn’t say He is excited in so many words but seriously. what are you if you are singing and dancing because of someone. what are you if you sent your son to redeem a people? who prepares for someone they can’t stand?

He is excited for His people. He doesn’t look at us and say man, i gotta clean them up before they get here…He already did that in Jesus. He looks at us and is excited for the good works He prepared before the beginning of time.

He is excited to journey with us. teach us. love us. provide for us.

i think sometimes it is so easy to get stuck on the circumstances of life and forget about the God i serve. a God who is so excited about me that He put me here in this city, in this decade, with these people. He gifted me with exactly what i needed and what the world around me needed.

not only that but the truth that He loves us so much He is willing to be everything I need and do anything for me. so i have this evernote folder. it’s called “for the rougher days”. it is a place where i can go read and remember things He has spoken, words that brought life, lyrics that made my heart sing, scripture that lept of the page once before.

there is this one bethel song called “it is well” and there is this line that goes…

Seas that are shaken and stirred can be calmed and broken for my regard

haha He is willing to calm a sea shaken and stirred…just for me. He is willing to meet me in the tumultuous emotions that rage all around. Sometimes circumstances don’t change and He meets me in them in a way I didn’t think possible. Sometimes He changes them by doing a 180. either way, He’s good. either way, He delights to be with me and love on me and dance with me.