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I love watching people interact. I love when God allows me interactions that I feel are little glimpses of glory. Glimpses of how a healthy relationship should look. Glimpses of how God loves me. Glimpses of what I should expect in a husband.

And as I was think about these glimpses of His glory I started pondering why so many were single. And I see the brokenness of society. If people aren’t single, they are often sleeping with each other or fighting all the time or some other crazy situation.

But as I look at singles, as I look at myself, I feel like a common problem is we have lost our first love. It breaks my heart.

The Lord has had me on this amazing journey of listening & learning. Learning to bring everything to Him first. Every joy. Every frustration. Every tear. Every praise. He desires to be my FIRST love. Not a best friend. Not a mentor. He wants to be first.

Instead of Him being our first love, I feel we give Him our slops. Our jobs, friends, lives are more important. These precious gifts He gave us, as the perfect gift giver, we have turned into idols and distractions.

As my friend Deb and I talked she reminded me of how the Ephesian church in Revelation 2 was rebuked and threatened to have their almost and take. Because they lost their first love. What sends chills is He said that He saw their faithfulness, their perseverance, their works…but they had lost their first love!

We can be doing everything we “need” to. We can have our stuff together and persevere but if we have lost our first love, Jesus, we are missing the boat.